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What is the difference between acrlylic and gel for your nails?

Acrylic nails are made from a combination of liquid (monomer), and powder (polymers). The technician will first dip their brush into the liquid, then in the powder, and the small bead which is formed from this is applied to your nail. It takes normally 3 or 4 beads of product to form a complete nail. These beads contain the acrylic, which 'hardens on your nails within a few minutes though for it to completely 'cure,' it takes between 24-48 hours.

Gel nails are made from, um, gel! It has the look and consistency of a hair styling gel, and is available in many colors. Gel nails made with top quality products are more natural looking than acrylic nails. Gel is also non-toxic, non-yellowing, and has no odors associated with its application as acrylic does from the liquid.

One note: Gel nails are made from gel, and nothing else. It is applied usually in several layers. Each layer must be individually cured under a special ultraviolet lamp for about 2 minutes. Gel nails NEVER contain any liquid and powder, so if the tech uses any, then you are getting acrylic nails, and not gel. This happens often in the low price 'discount' salons. You will ask for gel nails, they will give you acrylic nails, and maybe put a UV gel topcoat on them and tell you they are gel nails - and charge you a higher price for those so-called 'gel' nails. Sorry, they are NOT gel nails, those are acrylic nails. Beware of this scam because gel nails cost more than acrylic nails simply because the gels used in the application process cost more than acrylics. To see what gel looks like, follow the link below:鈥?/a>

This particular gel line is made by one of the best gel nail companies in the world. But, that is what gel looks like. Remember, it is never a powder, ever. Don't let the tech tell you, ';It powder gel'; because that does not exist.

A couple of other things: Acrylic nails tend to hold polish better than gels. Also, acrylic nails are porous, and that means they can absorb colors from polish easily. Always use a basecoat to help prevent this. If you want to have them removed, always make sure that the tech does not rip them off , or tear them off your nails. They are to be soaked in acetone.

Gel nails are non-porous, and therefore cannot be soaked off in acetone. They must be filed off by a very skilled technician, or your nails will get ruined from over-use of the file on your nails - or worse, a drill that was used by an unskilled tech will ruin your nails too.

Gel nails do not hold polish as well as acrylic nails do. Always use a good quality basecoat to give the polish something to adhere to.

Remember: It is not the use of acrylics, or gels which ruin your nails (unless the acrylics contain MMA, that WILL ruin your nails). It is an unskilled technician who will ruin your nails, most often by the use of a Dremel on your natural nails. This tool is not meant to be used on nails - it is made for woodworking, and other hobbies, NOT nails. But the discount aslons use them anyway. Do not let anyone use a drill on your nails. All that is needed is a gentle hand filing to remove the natural shine, and nothing more. Don't let any tech tell you otherwise. And seriously, stay out of the discount salons. You get what you pay for, and if you are paying only $25 for full set, then don't expect much except for ruined nails! And the language barrier is horrible in those places too. avoid them, really.

I hope this helped out a bit!What is the difference between acrlylic and gel for your nails?
acrylic tends to be more ';stiff'; meaning when it grows out you need to get a refill after 2 weeks otherwise they will lift and look crappy.. And they tend to RUIN your nails

Gel on the other hand is more soft for your nail and look more natural.. And needs a refill 2-3 weeks..

I honestly prefer gell because it looks more natural but they break a lot easier... =)What is the difference between acrlylic and gel for your nails?
gel are better for your nails. They also have less harsh chemicals so your nail lady doesn't need to wear a little mask. In my opinion Gel are way better. They are newer and better!
acrlyic is made out of powder gel is made of gel
I totally asked my manicurist that same question once. She said that acrylic is laid down on top of the nail but remains a seperate layer of your nail. So, say you slam a hammer on your hand, you will crack the acrylic but not the nail. But, she said gel infuses with your nail bed. Meaning, if you hit your hand with a hammer, you would crack the gel AND your nail. OUCH!

Hope that helps!

How can you remove the gel from your nails when you get tips?

after the tip is gone, can you use nail polish remover to get off the excess gel?How can you remove the gel from your nails when you get tips?
No that doesnt really work too well. You either have to get them refilled, get them removed at the salon, or just wait for them to fall off on their own.

Is it possible to get gel or acrylic nails without the tips?

I want to grow my nails naturally but i don't want the tips put on them as i can't have my nails very long for my work, so can i just get the acrylic ot gel coating just to keep them stronger?Is it possible to get gel or acrylic nails without the tips?
i get mine gel coated and if you want they can paint them a random colour or have tips but if you want you can have no colour and they look really natural.

but if you get your hands wet a lot at your work then your nails get soft and the gel falls off easier.

but i have had mine gelled for about a year now (i need to get them filled in every couple of weeks or so - depends on how fast your nails grow) and they look great

i would definatly recommend gel coatings!
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  • My friend has gel nails and she wants to remove them but she has no acetone. what is another way?

    please help!My friend has gel nails and she wants to remove them but she has no acetone. what is another way?
    I think she'd be best off to go back to the salon and have them removed there. They will know the exact product or system that they use, therefore they will know how to get them off the quickest and with the least damage to your natural nail and nail bed. If you put too much pressure on the nails when trying to remove them, it could damage the nail matrix where the new nail cells are being formed.My friend has gel nails and she wants to remove them but she has no acetone. what is another way?
    Just tell her to cut them all off. It's a very painful process but it works well and i've stupidly done it heaps of times. If not, she can try using a nail polish remover to soften them a bit before cutting them. (most nail polish removers contain acetone). Hope this helps
    get them removed by a professional
    no without damaging her nails and/or nail bed...

    How do you apply gel on nails?

    So i was shown how to do it, and i'm not a professional neither have i studied into it lol and every time someone does them for me they're fine but when i deo them myself they seem to like peel off the next day. What am i doing wrong? xHow do you apply gel on nails?
    watch this video i think they might help..鈥?/a>How do you apply gel on nails?
    I do have to agree that the guy from Young Nails is very good!

    The prep work really makes a difference. You have to use a nail dehydrator after filing the nails. Also, a good protein bond must be used.

    Are Gel Nails or Solar Nails the best?

    I want to get nails but not for sure which ones are the best. Please help.Are Gel Nails or Solar Nails the best?
    Gel Nails are better becouse they last 2 weeks longer than Solar NailsAre Gel Nails or Solar Nails the best?
    I actually prefer the solar because they do not discolor or yellow like the gel nails will. I have tried both and to me, again, just my opinion, the gel nails seem less sturdy to me - and I'm super hard on nails. I've worn solar nails for several years now, though and it's been a while since I've tried the gel again, so there may have been some improvements.
    Gel nails are better, in my opinion. Just to clarify something, solar nails are acrylic nails. They are just calling them by another name, but there is no difference.
    gel nails ,r better i think even if u hit ur finger or nail on something it wont break easily

    How can you tell if your gel or acrylic nails need to be refilled?

    I had mine done a week ago and know you can see a little under half a mm of my nail. Does this mean i should get them refilled? How much should a refill cost%26gt;How can you tell if your gel or acrylic nails need to be refilled?
    Well, with mine I have two signs. I get french-tipped so when I see the growth of my regular nail starting to get transparent, I know its time. Secondly, I take a look at the nail bed and how far away the acrylic has grown away from the cuticle. I get it refilled when a sixth of my natural nail from my nail bed is showing.

    If you're getting a French, a good technique is to ask her to extend the white portion on your nail bed so it's thicker. That way, your natural nails don't begin to show for a while and you can go longer than a month on that.

    Generally speaking though, you should be getting your nails filled again three weeks to a month. The price range here in Canada is $60 for a full set and $45 for a fill but going down to $40 for a full set and $35 for a fill. Yours depends on where you live, I would call around to ask for prices because many places charge different fees. You should also ask people you know about the service because it's not worth paying cheap every month if your nails are going to end up rotting.How can you tell if your gel or acrylic nails need to be refilled?
    when your real nail is growing out, yes thats when you need a filling depends where you live i t usually range from 12-15
    you need them infilled every 2 weeks, with only 1 week growth they should still look ok, infills should cost you about 拢15-17 approx